Market and promote your innovations to new product development teams
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InnoEngines Connect helps your customers discover your company's products and innovations when they're most interested in learning about what you have to offer.
Connect is a new and more effective way to showcase your product catalog, concepts, licensable properties and innovations. Our software promotes your company's products to innovation and marketing teams when they are most receptive; when they are looking for a solution to an innovation challenge. Connect lets customers integrate your offerings at the earliest stages of their new product development, locking you in for success, exclusivity and increased pricing flexibility.

It's like having unlimited Goggle Ads

Put your message in front your customers when they're searching for what you have to offer. Our plans are fixed-price, you're never charged extra when a customer views or clicks on your innovation.

Effortlessly create effective marketing materials

InnoEngines provides a innovation marketing pages optimized for our system. You can use our templates as-is, modify and make all-new ones to fit your company's needs. All our accounts come with features to help improve the performance of your listings; keywords, file storage and outbound web-links and more.

InnoEngines is a trusted resource of your most valued customers

Our customers use InnoEngines to manage thousands of their packaging and new product innovations. Customers use it nearly every day and it's often the first place they go when starting a new packaging or product development program. Your InnoEngines account seamlessly integrates your innovation catalog with your customers', breaking down barriers and helping you capture new opportunities earlier.

Connect your innovations with customer needs at the earliest stages of their new product development process

They're your innovations, So whenever you want, you can easily adjust and update any aspect of your marketing materials. Make changes to your copy, images, keyword and pretty much anything else about your innovation catalog, right within InnoEngines.

Secure and private

InnoEngines provides you a secure connection with your customers. You can share new ideas and concepts with the confidence that they will be kept private, only viewable by the customers you select. You can target different products to different customers by specifying which innovations each customer can view.

Know how your innovations are doing (coming soon)

We are developing a supplier analytics tool that will enable you to assess how your innovation catalog is performing. Using our supplier analytics tool, you will always know what you're getting for your money. This new feature will provide detailed reports to tell you which of your products are receiving the most interest and how you can improve your innovation catalog.

Select an annual plan, or contact sales for information about options and discounts to tailor a plan to your company's needs.
  • 10 records - $1,000
  • 50 records: $4,500
  • 200 records: $8,000
  • Unlimited (to 200g): $24,000

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