Manages your company's innovation library without needing much time, effort or money
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Features to Help You Turn Good Ideas into Great Products
InnoEngines helps you collaborate, evolve and develop the innovations your company already has to meet new innovation challenges. An idea that wasn't right for your company in the past, just might be just what you're looking for today. Making the most of the ideas you already have involves much more than just finding them in a search. InnoEngines enables collaboration to help you, and your team, turn good ideas into great new products.

Never Forget a Good Idea, Never Lose an Innovation, Never Repeat a Project

Benefit from having all your company's innovation inventoried in a centralized platform. Maintaining and distributing institutional innovation knowledge means that you're never forgetting good ideas, never losing important findings and never repeating a project.

Evolve Good Ideas into Great Products

InnoEngines helps your teams turn good ideas into great ones through collaboration, commenting, reporting, and analysis. InnoEngines facilitates cross-functional product development and tracks results from testing within innovation's record. It is a flexible and comprehensive container for the broad range of data, information, learnings and insights developed throughout the commercialization process.

Track and Manage Intellectual Property and Patents

InnoEngines has integrated intellectual property and patent management tools designed for innovation professionals. Learn more.

Not just organized, organized your way

Stay organized and in control of your innovation network because all ideas are in a centralized resource with the information and details you're specified are important to your business. Good ideas are of little use if they can't be found. InnoEngines comes with a set of descriptive fields. These can be further customized to the needs of your company or industry. Included are advanced features including commenting, keywords and drop-down menus that further help all users capture the value of their innovations and competitive research

Works Without Changes to Your Product Development Processes

InnoEngines works with all your formal and informal product development processes. It supports all aspects of stage-gate process with particular benefit to the acheiving early stage gates. As well as your product development approaches such as 'jobs to be done', 3d-IP, Design-Thinking, and others.

Reduce Paperwork and Busy Work - Create and Present Reports With a Few Clicks

InnoEngines has an integrated report generator. You can arrange, save, present and manage PDF reports all within the application.

Up and Running in 24 Hours

You can be up and running with InnoInventory's cloud-based application in 24 hours. No drawn-out implemention requirements means you will begin to benefit almost immediately
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