Accelerate Your Existing Product Development Processes
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Works seamlessly with your exsiting innovation processes with built-in features to eliminate time-sucking tasks.
InnoEngines works with your process. It comes with a set of pre-defined templates that can be customized, modified and expanded to meet your company's evolving needs, processes and data.
More than that, it's has integrated presentation and reporting tools to eliminate the time-consuming of developing presentations and reports. InnoEngines lets your teams spend more of their time on their real work, not busy-work.

Up and Running in 24 Hours

You can be up and running with InnoInventory's cloud-based application in 24 hours. No drawn-out implemention requirements means you will begin to benefit almost immediately

Works Without Changes to Your Product Development Processes

InnoEngines is a tool that works with all your formal and informal product development processes. It supports all aspects of stage-gate process with particular benefit to the acheiving early stage gates. As well as your product development approaches such as 'jobs to be done', 3d-IP, Design-Thinking, and others.

React Quickly and Eliminate Busy Work

A built-in report generate, present and distribute functions automates the time-consuming busy work of making PowerPoint reports on your innovation options. React in a few clicks to requests for information about "what do we know about 'x'". Having all your, and your network's information at your fingertips enables you to make presentation with more complete and up-to-date information in just a few moments.

Additional Services and Custom Modules are Available

We can provide features and tools tailored for you company needs. Some examples are; physical inventory tracking, patent searches, competitive intelligence, and integration with your suppliers. Learn more about InnoEngines services here.
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