Tools that improve innovation and reduce costs throughout the product development process
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Designed to meet the needs of professional innovation teams and new product development departments
InnoEngines replaces the way innovation inventory is often maintained; on oversized PowerPoint files stored on staff PCs or shared drives. Because InnoEngines manages all hosting and maintenance it does not require any platform support from your company's IT department. With an easy-to-use interface most users are productive without any training.

Reduce Paperwork and Busy Work - Create and Present Reports With a Few Clicks

InnoEngines eliminates the need for PowerPoint. It's presentation tools lets you quickly create, arrange, save, present, reuse and export PDFs presentations from your innovation library.

Fully Configurable to Work Seamlessly With Your Company's Existing Processes

Standard Templates

Stadard templates are included for concepts, prototpyes, patents and testing.

Store Images

Each innovation entry has the option for saving multiple images in any common image format (PNG, Jpeg, PDF, etc.).

Select the Entry's Thumbnail Image

Choose which image is most descriptive for each entry as it's thumbnail for display in search results and inventory lists.

Add Links to Other Websites

Sometimes the most efficient way to describe an innovation is to link to another website. InnoEngines let's users easily add live links to other web sites.

View Your Suppliers' Innovations

Advanced Search Tools

Find what you're looking for quickly and accurately with advanced search tools.

Additional Services and Custom Modules are Available

We can provide features and tools tailored for you company needs. Some examples are; physical inventory tracking, patent searches, competitive intelligence, and integration with your suppliers. Learn more about InnoEngines services here.
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