A platform to capture and manage innovations from your entire new product development network
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Expand Your Innovation Options
InnoEngines expands the pool of ideas your innovation team has at their disposal. It enables innovation teams to easily capture new ideas from employees, document concepts, record prototypes, stay connected with suppliers, track intellectual property and more. InnoEngines comes with easily modified templates to collect the types of data your company needs, with the flexibilty for making adjustments as needs change.

Capture New Ideas from Your Company and its Suppliers

InnoEngines's interface makes it quick and easy for your employees to propose and describe their new ideas. It also lets your consultants and suppliers showcase their innovations securely inline with search results. Together you'll have a continuous flow of new ideas from throughout your innovation network.

Document Innovations with Images, Summaries, Specification, Links, Resources and More

InnoEngines let's you add rich, structured descriptions to every innovation. Upload and share images, charts, image and PDFs. Easily configure and add fields to assure your team captures the type of information that is important to your business.

Comment and Collaborate to Make the Most of the Ideas Your Company, and Your Network, Already Has

Use InnoEngines to save time and expense by evolving and developing the innovations your company already possesses to address new innovation challenges.

Search To Quickly Find What You're Looking For

With our integrated search engine, InnoEngines makes it easy to find what you're looking for and discover related innovations. Use the general search for discovery and exploration, or the advanced search for specific needs.

Capture Competitive Intelligence

InnoEngines has a template for capturing information about your competitors' products as part of your company's InnoEngines knowledge base.

Secure and private network

InnoEngines is your exclusive, private, one-way network. You can view and privately annotate records from the suppliers you've invited to join your network, but they cannot see your records nor your notes on their innovations.
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